Bartending Home Course

Home  Bartending  Course

The Complete Home bartending course, complete with video,  abridged National Bartenders School course book, a receipe book and an 11 piece bar kit. You learn proper bartending techniques, drink receipes, basic rules and a lot more. $ 29.95

Advanced  Bartender’s  Course

Everything that is in the Home Course and alot more infomation for those of you who may want to go on and Bartend professionally. This course will add to the home course, all the info you need to feel confident enough to seek a professional bartending  job. The only thing you wont have is practical experience, but you will have ALL the necessary knowledge and skills to do the job. $ 49.95

 Basic Bar Management

This course is designed for those of you who want to MANAGE or OWN a bar. It is an in depth course that covers all areas of Bar Management from scheduling employees to inventory control and everything in between. This course is an interactive course in six lessons. You will complete each section and then have a one on one session with the instructor to discuss the quizz at the end of each section. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion from Bartendingworld, the parent company of National Bartenders School, Sherman Oaks, California. The course is administered by an actual bar and restaurant owner.  $ 69.95

TiPS Certification Class

We give the Training in Intervention ProceedureS  on premise class for anyone that needs it in the LA area on Sundays each month. Call and ask when the next one is. We alway have room for a few more. Cost is $ 56.00 and there are discounts for large groups. If you would like us to teach the class at your business, we can also do that. Call us at 818 783 0300

Our local bartending classes will teach you how to become a bartender.

Questions? email us at scott@bartendingworld.com.

we will respond within 12 hours or less or call us at 818 783 0300