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LIMITED SEATING – BT Flair 101  Introductory Course

We offer a “bartending for your home” class that is a one Saturday Afternoon from 1pm to 5pm. It is a condensed version of our Professional course and the same course that we teach to the Management Students of the Cordon Bleau College of Culinary Arts in Pasadena. You’ll learn proper bar etiquette and techniques, terminology, bar slang, proper use of utensils and how to make 50 of the most popular cocktails. And at the end of the class we will actually make some of the drinks and have a tasting. You will also receive a starter bar kit!

The next class is Saturday, October 17th from 1pm to 5pm with limited seating to 30 people. If after taking this course you wish to take the entire Professional Bartender Course, this will be credited toward your tuition!

National Bartending School of  Sherman Oaks has been serving Southern California for over 35 years. It is our goal to instruct our students in responsible bartending. Since 75% of the adult population drinks liquor socially, we want our students to be concerned about customer safety as they enjoy their social outing. Our students learn how to make the newest cocktails as well as the standard highballs, martinis and the like. But they also learn bartending etiquette. Our graduates attend a seminar class where we teach alcohol awareness and the laws. This is very important to us as it helps keep our communities safe. Don’t be fooled by someone claiming to be a Master Mixologist, Giving You The Hard Sale Tacticts. Make the choice that is best for your future. Call today to reserve your spot.

We also offer job placement assistance after the students complete their training and refresher courses. For more information call us at 213-380-3200 or drop by our school at 13459 Ventura, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423. Opening first week in August. We offer both the Certified Alcohol Awareness Training (CAAT) program or the TiPS  (Training in intervention ProcedureS) program. Both are recognized by the ABC / State of California

There is no waiting list like other schools, you can start any day you like, Monday – Saturday. And you make your own schedule.  Call us today and in a short time you’ll be earning real money.

Certified Alcohol Awareness Training Certification

Add the Certified Alcohol Awareness Training Certification class during registration and save.

Bartending 40 Hour Certification Course

40 Hour Bartending Course learn over 150 Drinks Pour Counts, Garnishes, how to breakdown and restock the bar,  Everything You Need To Be A Successful Bartender, and After Graduation You Will Gain Lifetime Access To Our Job Placement Services Call or Stop By Anytime For 1 free introductory Lesson.

Gift Certificates & Payment Plans Available – Call National Bartenders School Sherman Oaks  at 213-380-3200