Bartending Class FAQs

Bartending Class FAQs

Is my certificate still good if I move to a different state?

Your bartending certification is valid nationwide and good for life!

How many classes do I take before getting my certificate?

You must complete 8 classes which are 2 hours each along with completing a written and a final exam to receive your bartenders certificate.

Is 50 years old too old to become a bartender?

Absolutely not! Bartenders start at any age. The only thing that’s required is a desire to want to bartend. There is no age barrier in the bartending field. There is room for everyone from young people of eighteen years old to people in their “golden years”. Your ability, personality and attitude count far more than anything else.

Can I take the Extreme bartending, bottle flipping, wine and TIPS Training classes even if I don’t have certificate?

Yes. Even if you want to take these programs to further your interest in bartending, a certificate is not required to enroll.

Will having a certificate help me make more money as a bartender?

National Bartenders School says “yes”. Properly trained bartenders are better bartenders. Better bartenders make more tips, and most reputable establishments prefer properly trained bartenders.

I lost my certificate, can I get another one?

Yes. Contact the campus you graduated from and they will make another one for you immediately.

I’ve finished the first week of class, but I have to go out of town for a month. Can I finish the second half when I get back?


How does job placement work?

Once you’ve graduated, you will fill out National Bartenders Schools job placement forms which will ask in detail the types of bars you would like to work at, the hours, days, part or full time, location, how much money you would like to earn and more. Our job placement director will do all the searching for you and send you out on job leads until you find the job you’re happy with. As a graduate of our bartender course, you are entitled to this service for life!

If I don’t like the job you found me can I still use the bartending job placement program?

Yes. Placement Service is never closed to past or present students. There is never any charge for this service to our graduates. Our job placement assistance service is lifetime and nationwide.

If I move out of town or state can I still use the bartending job placement program?

Yes. Once you’ve received your bartenders certificate you will have access to our job placement program nationwide.

Do you teach me all there is to know about bartending?

Yes, we not only teach you all of your mixed drinks, we will teach you the bartending facts you need to know about being a top-grade bartender, including bar management and bartending equipment handling.

Can you tell me about your teaching staff?

Our teaching staff is comprised of bartenders with many years of experience in the field. This course cannot be taught only from books. It must be taught by bartenders who have learned from actual bar experience. They are able to pass on to you all of the tricks of the trade, to help you feel like an experienced bartender. They are all approved by the California Department of Post Secondary Education.

Can I take the course if my educational background is limited?

Yes, if you are personable, driven, and have good common sense you should have no difficulty at all. If you have any problems during the course, our instructors will always be there and ready to help you out. If you need additional hours, there will be no additional charge. You can stay until you are completely satisfied!

I am a woman, what chances do I have and is bartending safe?

Reputable bars, nightclubs and hotels hire women as often as men for bartending jobs. In fact, our placement office often receives calls from establishments that are looking specifically for women bartenders. Our placement coordinators will work with you to find a job for you in an atmosphere that makes you feel the most comfortable.