10 “Tall Glass” Drink Recipes to Remember

10 “Tall Glass” Drink Recipes to Remember

Technically known to bartenders as “Highballs”, when your customer orders any of these drinks they’ll usually ask for it in a “tall glass”. This means that you will serve these drinks in either a highball or collins glass, but the customer usually doesn’t know the difference–you should.

There are many “Tall Glass” drinks to remember, some classics and some newer ones. Depending on where you live, some drinks are more popular than others and some recipes you may never use. New drinks are created every day and you will learn that customers will request a mixture of something you have never heard of before. They may ask for a classic drink but with their own spin on it. You just have to learn to go with the flow and have a good memory. Your memory is your money maker in this profession.

Below is a list of 10 “Tall Glass” drinks that every bartender should know. They are classics and difficult to mess up. These drinks are great practice to becoming a speed pourer and familiarizing yourself with your bar layout.


1. Alabama Slammer

2. Bloody Mary

3. Fuzzy Navel

4. Gin & Tonic

5. Rum & Coke

6. Salty Dog

7. Screwdriver

8. Tequila Sunrise

9. Vodka Red Bull

10. Vodka Tonic

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